Instructions for How to Join a Zoom Meeting

1. The easiest way to join a Zoom meeting is by clicking the link you have been provided. Simply click the link, on whatever device you are using, and the process will begin.

2. You will need to accept all permissions for downloading the app, accessing your camera, microphone, etc. and you will want to join via computer audio or internet audio.

3. You may join the Zoom meeting either by a mobile device or via your computer web browser at  To join by mobile device, you will need to download the Zoom App from the app store on your device.

4. Another way to join a meeting is via the Meeting ID.  The meeting ID has either been provided to you or you will find it is the numbers at the end of the link you have been provided.

5. Once you are logged in the meeting you can decide if you want your video and/or audio on.

6. From a computer, simply hover the mouse over the screen and a bar will appear at the bottom of the screen.  On a mobile device, simply tap the screen and you will see the bar at the bottom of your screen.

7. To the far left is the mute button and next is the video button.  Clicking on them will turn them on and off.

8. From a computer, you will also see a chat option.  On a mobile device, you may have to click “More” to see the chat option.

9. During the Zoom meeting, you may unmute yourself if you have any questions or you can type your question into the chat dialogue.
See you soon!
The Alliance Team